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FORCE Basketball is New York City's fastest growing Youth basketball program. We give student-athletes an opportunity to develop their talents and skills with some of the most experienced former players and coaches in the AAU circuit. Powered by SuperMe Performance, FORCE Basketball benefits from the guidance and expertise of a comprehensive strength and conditioning program specifically tailored to youth basketball athletes by SuperMe Performance's certified trainers – improving overall athleticism and reducing the likelihood of injury. We prepare student athletes for the high demands of high school, collegiate and professional basketball.

The Soul of a Force:

The Randy Orisma Story

Written by Lawrence Raysor
Photography by Erin Schiffman

Force Basketball


"To be a FORCE on the court, you must put the time in with a specific attention to detail. We believe in building good habits on and off the court, while creating team unity in a diverse setting."

The Teams

Meet The Team

The FORCE Team.jpg
Stephen Schwarz

Stephen graduated from SUNY Oswego with a major in Education and a minor in Coaching. He coached basketball in New Zealand, South Korea, and NYC. After being an Athletic Director at Success Academy Charter Schools, Stephen joined Randy in Spring 2018

Director of Operations & Business Development
Randy Orisma

Randy played D1 Basketball at St. John's University. After graduating with a major in Sports Management, Randy set his sights on creating a world class athletic program.  Randy has been training youth athletes since 2013 and officially started Force Basketball in 2016

CEO & Director of Basketball
Jonathan Shelton

Before an injury derailed his pursuit as a professional basketball player, Jonathan competed against players in the Canadian League as well as the NBA G-League. Jonathan has been training youth athletes since 2013 and has been building Force with Randy from day one

Director of Youth Development


This is my son's second season playing for Force, and he couldn't be any happier. Randy has a positive energy that's contagious and motivates the boys to work hard and try their best. My son has learned a tremendous amount about being a good team player not just a good basketball player. The Force coaches all treat the boys like family and are so proud of their successes and accomplishments. From the Saturday morning workouts to the travel games, it has been a wonderful experience being a part of the Force team.


 - Abby S

We have known Randy for 5 years.  He was largely responsible for sparking my son’s initial love of basketball.  He genuinely cares about the Force boys like family. Our son’s confidence and skills have grown tremendously with Randy’s guidance, and we feel lucky to have such an encouraging and supportive coach in our lives.  He is a great role model for our son and cares deeply about helping him reach his fullest potential.


 - Brett S.

There are no words to describe how great my experience has been. The coaches are extremely professional, I felt welcomed from the first day we started attending. They have a great relationship with the children, aside from being a sport they also teach children discipline and it is a great way to keep our kids entertain while doing something productive. I highly recommend ForceBastketballNyc.


- Kenisa S. 

When I first was looking into a AAU program for my son, I knew nothing about this world of AAU but heard a lot of negativity from current and former NBA players. I didn’t know what to expect. My husband’s co-worker went to school with Randy (the Sports Director/Coach) and mentioned to my husband about the Force  program (which was a fairly new organization). We had my son attend the try outs/practice and immediately I knew the Force program was the real deal from the moment he stepped on the court with Coach Randy, Coach Gari, and Coach Jonathan! All the negativity that I heard about what AAU is went out the window when it came to Force. They actually go back to basics with teaching the boys and girls fundamental basketball, which a lot of AAU programs do not do. It’s not about scoring with Force, it’s about knowing how to set screens, pick n rolls, play well on both offense and defense. Force sets you up to be a all around player. They also capitalize on teamwork, which I love. Especially in practice with Coach Gari, if one has to run- they all have to run. Since my son has been playing with Force, his skill level has improved on the court with Force and his CYO team. He has more confidence on and off the court. I’m so grateful to this program for believing in my son, giving him 100% quality fundamental training, and being important role models in his life. 


 - Courtney R.

The coaches at Force are focused on developing each kid to their potential. Regardless of skill set, the coaches not only work on teaching basketball skills but, developing strength with the dedication of a strength training coach that is certified to work with young athletes. This commitment by the Force coaches help build confidence in the kids and gives each player the tools to become stronger, faster and more competitive.  It sets all the athletes up to learn about what it is to be healthy and how to become stronger with the careful guidance of their mentors/coaches. This strength training program is woven into the basketball practices.  It not only helps during competition but, also in life as they all become young adults.  It has taught my son to be smarter about his choices and more aware of his body and how to be healthier on and off the court.  It is so wonderful that The Force coaches are dedicated to building an athlete with confidence who can participate and enjoy being part of a successful program.  Force athletes are smarter, stronger and have more stamina. We may lose some games but, we don’t lose because are kids are not ready for the competition.  No one is more fit and ready than the Force Teams!  We are very grateful to the time and dedication to the program and wouldn’t want our son anywhere else.


- Holly Boyd

My son participated in the fall Skills and Drills Class and loved it!  He had tried out many other basketball classes and organizations and Force Basketball at SuperMe Performance is by far his favorite!  

Not only are the coaches extremely supportive and encouraging, they teach the fundamentals as well as complex plays and strategies.  It is a real community in which everyone is excited to be there and they really do care about the development of the kids.   The conditioning drills are excellent and they work them hard.  The kids are inspired to do better and work harder to be the best that they can be.  

My son made it onto the travel team and enjoys the competitive games.  Thank you Force for providing the perfect place for my son to thrive and to further his love of basketball! 


Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!  See you in 2018!

 - Best, Amy H.

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